Eric S Fraga <> writes:

>> Yes.. there was a tome of discussion on this on emacs-devel. I have saved
>> this link for my reference:
> Ah, so in emacs 27, package initialisation happens whether you want it
> or not...  I guess I have to give in and move with the times!  Thanks
> for the link.  I do read emacs-devel but not all of it sticks.

I think there is some confusion regarding package initialisation as many
people have used same/similar terms to mean different things. As I
understand it, the packages are initialised to the 'autoload' point
i.e. all the actual code associated with the package is not 'loaded'
into the system, but various entry points are setup so that should you
call a core function, open up an associated file, run an associated
mode, then the package will be loaded. In many respects, not terribly
different from how most emacs 'built-in' packages used to work (many of
which have now been moved out into ELPA packages.

I have also found the 'use-package' package to be extremely useful in
making my setup clearer, further controlling package setup/load and
deferring package loading to get faster startup times.

I wouldn't worry about emacs 27 too much. We are still waiting on emacs
26, so emacs 27 is probably 5+ years away yet! 

Tim Cross

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