Anyone have a good method of tracking the Tags that you've use across all of your Org files? Some sort of Tag Index to help you keep track of the tags you've used and where you've used them so that you don't start creating new tags that differ from old ones by (say) capitalization? Or to help you find everything tagged a certain when you're moving to a new tagging style? Perhaps an index where you could keep a note on why and
when you created the tag?

Is there any tools for this?

I have struggled with similar issues in the context of using tags for coding in qualitative data analysis. The stuff that I’ve hacked together for solving this (pretty particular) use case are available here:

Maybe some of the ideas there can help?

This is centred around projects (a bunch of files with research material in text form) and I haven’t thought much about adapting it to be used for all my org files.

For a project, you can easily extract a list of all used tags, rename and merge them. You can define a file for each project as a codebook, where the use of each tag is documented. There is also a more fancy tag-completion via helm that optionally fetches info from the codebook file.

Another approach for keeping a sort of index is John Kitchin’s org-db
Current code:

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