Hi Nicolas and all,

@Nicolas: Thanks for org-num-mode.

> A few weeks ago, I posted on this ML a proof of concept about dynamic
> numbering of headlines in an Org buffer. Since then, I worked on it more
> seriously, improved it, and threw in some features. Here is an excerpt
> of its commentary section:
>     This library provides dynamic numbering for Org headlines.  Use
>         <M-x org-num-mode>
>     to toggle it.
>     You can select what is numbered according to level, tags, COMMENT
>     keyword, or UNNUMBERED property.  You can also skip footnotes
>     sections.  See `org-num-max-level', `org-num-skip-tags',
>     `org-num-skip-commented', `org-num-skip-unnumbered', and
>     `org-skip-footnotes' for details.
>     You can also control how the numbering is displayed by setting
>    `org-num-face' and `org-num-format-function'.
> I tested it a bit, even in relatively large documents like the Org
> manual, without problem. I also wrote a test suite for that library.
> Since it is very much Org-specific, and a basic feature you could expect
> from Org, I'd like to add it in core. So, if there is no strong
> objection to it, it can go in Org 9.3.
> I attach the library for further testing, suggestions, remarks… Let me
> know what you think.

For some days I turned on org-num-mode for every Org file automatically
with the setting

    (add-hook 'org-mode-hook #'org-num-mode)

in my init file.  org-num-mode worked fine for me.

Just one idea came to my mind.  What about adding an option to restart
the numbering at 1 for the first heading in the case when narrowing is
in effect?

Ciao,  Marco

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