Hello stardiviner,

>>> Just one idea came to my mind.  What about adding an option to restart
>>> the numbering at 1 for the first heading in the case when narrowing is
>>> in effect?
>> AFAICT, detecting narrowing changes requires using
>> `post-command-hook'.
> Add more things into `post-command-hook' is not a good idea. Org will
> really getting slow! I saw many Org Mode newbie complain about Org Mode
> slow on big Org file. Myself has this experience often. I have to
> disable some features so speedup Org rendering.
> Well, I think this is just my personal opinion. I respect author's
> decision.

I also think it's a good idea to save resources.

I tried out the patch from Nicolas (which works great BTW, thanks!) but
I'm undecided if it adds much value to Org.  So if there is no interest
we could just not commit the patch.

If there is interest in that patch, the code could be refined to only
hook into the `post-command-hook' when local numbering of narrowed parts
has been chosen.

Best regards,  Marco

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