Hi all

I noticed that the link format with only single colons for the Info
node like info:org:Feedback stopped to work. Now I am confused about
the difference of info:org#Feedback that is documented as a link to an
info _node_ in [[info:org#External Links]] but never used in
org-manual.org versus info:org::Feedback that is not documented in
org-manual.org but used for all Info links there, like for example in
the section info:org::Activation for the link to Key Binding

Currently both link formats can also be used for links to Info
_index_, for example info:org::table.el and info:org#table.el

Should there be a different link format for Info node versus Info index or not?

Who would prefer (my favorite)

    | =info:org::External links= | Info node, preferred format  |
    | =info:org#External links=  | (alternative format)         |
    | =info:org#table.el=        | Info index, preferred format |
    | =info:org::table.el=       | (alternative format)         |

or who would prefer

    | =info:org::External links= | Info node link  |
    | =info:org#table.el=        | Info index link |

or who would prefer something else?


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