On 2019-02-08, at 06:51, Kaushal Modi wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 8, 2019, 3:28 AM Jens Lechtenboerger <lech...@wi.uni-muenster.de
> wrote:
>> - org-reveal [3]: R
>> - org-re-reveal [4]: r (conflict with RSS)
> I see that org-re-reveal is based off org-reveal. So do you see a use case
> where people would `require' both org-reveal and org-re-reveal? If not,
> then using the same binding as that of org-reveal should be fine too.

I don’t recommend that but org-re-reveal should allow for a parallel
installation.  Therefore, I would like to bind a different key.

> I'm pretty sure there are many more Org backends out there. For example, I
> have a little ox-minutes backend that uses the M binding (and overrides the
> binding for ox-man, but that's fine for me as I don't use ox-man).
> We can start collecting a list of all Org backends on the Worg wiki. That's
> a good idea.

OK, let’s see whether additional input arrives.

> But doing so in order to not override the binding of some
> other backend might not be possible.

Fair enough.  At least some guidance will be given.

>> Or C-r?  So far, no back-end uses the
>> control key.  Any reasons not to do this?
> You could probably use C-<letter>, but one has to ensure that it doesn't
> override the inbuilt bindings like C-s (C-c C-e C-s ..). Also, not sure if
> that override would actually be effective.

On my machine using "?\C-r" instead of "?r" as letter works,
(resulting in integer number 18 in org-export-registered-backends).
However, the Org Export Dispatcher shows "[^R]" as key, which is not

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