I notice that even inside example blocks, some strings are still parsed
as Org syntax, e.g. the asterisk becomes a bogus heading:

*  _____
 \|   @ \
   /\ /\

When I enclose the text in a region and use
`org-insert-structure-template' to surround it with begin and end lines,
a comma is prepended to the asterisk automatically (doc string of
`org-escape-code-in-region' uses the word "append", which is usually
used in the sense of "add to the end", though).

But all I could find in the manual regarding "verbatim", "escaping" etc.
are sections 12.2 and 16.3, neither of which mentions comma.

I'd prefer if there were some kind of a _real_ verbatim block without
need for escaping anything, but failing that, could this matter be
clarified in the documentation?



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