On Sat, 17 Aug 2019 15:24:56 +0200
Nicolas Goaziou wrote:

> I thought the idea was to move the information outside of the footnote.
> I applied a different patch, in master. Let me know if it is enough.

I agree that is even better; I guess I was aiming at minimal changes,
plus the footnote indexing thing seemed an interesting challenge...

> Side note: you cannot use CINDEX keyword in a footnote definition
> because Texinfo inlines them, which is not compatible with @cindex
> commands.

Hm, but the version in my patch does seem to work correctly, i.e. it is
exported as (snipped)

 You need to exit by pressing @kbd{C-c '} again@footnote{@cindex escape 
 @cindex comma
 Upon exit, lines starting with @samp{*}, @samp{,*}, @samp{#+} and @samp{,#+} 

... which seems to produce a valid info file (looks the same as before
and the index entries work). Is it just a corner case, not a feature?

(I'm merely being curious at this point, I agree your version is better.)

Thank you.


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