Hello all,

I am interested in a search/indexing engine targeting the org format,

My interest comes from the fact that I have a growing number of org
files and as org-mode has no file archiving feature, AFAIK, searching
needs more and more time to complete.

Moving files, that are no more necessary, outside of my org-directories,
can be tedious and prone to moving the wrong file to the wrong location.

Hence, an indexer could comes in handy, especially if it is optimised
for the Org format (i.e.: it knows what are categories, tags,
properties, etc in an Org file).



Nathan Neff writes:

> Hello all,
> I'm considering "indexing" my org-mode files and haven't done any research
> into
> this.  I'm sure there's 100 different ways to do this but wanted to ask the
> list if anyone
> is indexing their org-mode files and using a search tool like Solr, Elastic
> or smaller indexing engines to search their org-files.
> Emacs integration obviously would be a plus.
> Thanks for any feedback,
> --Nate

Luke, use the FOSS

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