Roland Everaert <> writes:

> Hello all,
> I am interested in a search/indexing engine targeting the org format,
> too.
> My interest comes from the fact that I have a growing number of org
> files and as org-mode has no file archiving feature, AFAIK, searching
> needs more and more time to complete.
> Moving files, that are no more necessary, outside of my org-directories,
> can be tedious and prone to moving the wrong file to the wrong location.
> Hence, an indexer could comes in handy, especially if it is optimised
> for the Org format (i.e.: it knows what are categories, tags,
> properties, etc in an Org file).

I think this last point is key. Most full-text search engines provide
config options for defining fields, or "facets", which in theory we
could set up to parse tags/properties/timestamps. My guess is that any
of the major contenders (solr, xapian, lucene) would work pretty much as
well as any of the others -- for our purposes, they probably only differ
in the details. Xapian might be considered "in the family" from a
license standpoint, but I don't know that that matters too much.

It would be fun to provide an Org indexing config for one of these
engines, and then build the Agenda on top of it.

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