Gustav Wikström <> writes:

> Hi stardiviner,
> It is my belief that =[Ctrl-C Ctrl-l]= already is supported. You will only 
> get suggestions for attachments if there are any attachments on the outline 
> node you're in. Or in any of its parents if inheritance is configured.

For example, I press =[Ctrl-c Ctrl-a]= to attach a file. Then I press =[Ctrl-c
Ctrl-l]= (~org-insert-link~) to insert link which will show a list of 
which are all link types prefix like ~attachment:~, and
=file:data/a2/..../attachFile.png=. I mean the second link. it is already in
completion list, but ~attchment:~ does not have this support.

> Regards Gustav
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> Subject: Re: [O] FW: [RFC] Link-type for attachments, more attach options 
> Hi Gustav,
> I suggest to add support for =[Ctrl-C Ctrl-l]= like ~file:~ link type. which 
> will
> auto in completion list. It will be convenient for user.

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