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>> I figured out why on my side inline image does not work.
>> When have link with description, the inline image does not work. When has
>> no link description, inline image works.
>> Here is an example:
>> #+begin_src org
>> # link work for inline image
>> [[attachment:screenshot.png]]
>> # inline image does not work
>> [[attachment:screenshot.png][description]]
>> #+end_src
>> I tested by EMC, found this is caused by some option. I will figure it
>> out. Thanks!
> FWIW, I see the same behavior as you do when I add descriptions. The same 
> seems to 
> apply for file-links. I haven't looked it up to see if that's intended 
> though. Just 
> wanted to share how it works for me, if you're scratching you're head over 
> this!
> Actually... Not wanting to push the "Send" button without looking into the 
> manual, I 
> found the following in the "Images" section:
>       "An image is a link to an image file(1) that does not have a 
> description part"
> See [[info:org#Images]]
> Regards
> Gustav

I read Org Info manual before, forgot most things, just put memory into
usual behavior now..... I will read Org Info manual again. :) glade you figure
out my wrong point, thanks.

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