Hi Sam,

> for me, trying to get commands or functions that call pop-to-buffer to
> behave as i need them to, which is to say, for them to use the full
> (and same) window for accessibility reasons,* has been so unfixable in
> the past that i had to give up.

Thank you for raising this, I wasn't aware that pop-to-buffer might
cause accessibility issues.

I want to make sure that this patch won't cause any accessibility issues
and hope I can address your concerns.

What setting of org-src-window-setup are you using? If it is
"current-window" or "reorganize-frame", this patch shouldn't affect you
at all, as those implementations are left the same.

I tested all the other options for org-src-window-setup as well, and
their behavior remained the same when I tested them.

Most options do call pop-to-buffer or display-buffer at some point or
other, this patch mainly simplifies and unifies the way they call
pop-to-buffer. This includes the "current-window" option, which calls
"pop-to-buffer-same-window". So I don't think the patch should cause new
accessibility problems.

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