On 1/18/20, Jack Kamm <jackk...@gmail.com> wrote:
> What setting of org-src-window-setup are you using? If it is
> "current-window" or "reorganize-frame", this patch shouldn't affect you
> at all, as those implementations are left the same.

you're right, i have that set to current-window, as you might expect.
and it is reasonable to expect that any patch would continue to
respect it.

thanks for your response.

jack> A final advantage I'd like to note for pop-to-buffer and
quit-restore-window, is that these are the mechanisms used by many
built-in Emacs functions to pop up and close windows, such as *Help*

i'm not sure what the latest is on what one should use.  or whether
the latest is on what one should use is problematic for my modest
needs.  maybe you have looked into the former.

help does things like popping up in the fisrt place, opening a linked
help buffer, and opening up source code.  idk if they all use the same
mechanism?  i've had issues with 2-3 of them.  anomalies on rare
occasions occur despite my kludging.

iirc stefan once wrote that using the wrong function will break his
configuration.  there are subtly different purposes for displaying a
buffer.  one covers the minibuffer, or something.

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