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> From the source code, it seems indeed still original code logic.
> Then I checked out my Emacs init git log, confirmed it is ~'attached~
> option value at first time. So this is my mistake.
> Because this new ~attachment:~ link type has potential issues like on
> exporting.

The issue with attachment links in the exporters should be fixed since the 
report of the export issues you sent a short while back. Any external exporter 
you use may ofc still need to be updated for attachment links.

> So I decided to still use old ~file:~ link type. So I thought should set
> ~org-attach-store-link-p~ to ~t~. It indeed use ~file:~ link type instead
> of ~attachment:~ now. But the store link behavior affected.
> So the problem is how can I use both ~file:~ link type for attachments and
> use this new attached store link?

Understood, and I see no issue with complementing org-attach-store-link-p with 
another option. One that stores a file link to the attached files location. 
Pushed a change for that just now. 

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