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> Sent: den 15 januari 2020 07:21
> To: Gustav Wikström <gus...@whil.se>
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> Subject: Re: [O] FW: [RFC] Link-type for attachments, more attach options
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> >> I found when I set option ~(setq org-attach-store-link-p t)~. Then
> >> attach a file, store file link with =[C-c C-l]=. The stored link. I
> >> open this link got error "No such file: ....". I tested this with
> >> minimal Emacs config. confirmed this problem.
> >>
> >
> > I cannot reproduce this. In my try with a minimal Emacs (emacs -q) and
> with only that single customization it works for me. I'm testing it in
> linux. A wild guess.. Could it be that you used the move operation instead
> of the copy operation when attaching the file?
> >
> > Regards
> > Gustav
> Did you reproduce this issue with =emacs -q= ? That is a built-in Org Mode
> version which does not contains the latest version =org-attach.el=.
> Here is my minimal Emacs config:
> [...]
> ;;========================================================================
> ======
> ;;; Here is org-attach.el customization
> (require 'org-attach)
> ;; store link auto with `org-store-link' using `file:' link type or
> `attachment:' link type.
> (setq org-attach-store-link-p 'attached) (setq org-attach-dir-relative t)
> (setq org-attach-preferred-new-method 'ask) #+end_src
> #+begin_src sh :eval no
> emacs -q -l '~/.config/emacs/minimal-init.el'
> #+end_src

Hmm, in the first mail you said that you set org-attach-store-link-p to t, but 
in your config it says 'attached. I've tried with a minimal config as well 
(using emacs -q because I build the newest org mode version into the emacs 
folder) and can only reproduce your issue when using the attached option for 
org-attach-store-link-p and then inserting that link with C-c C-l /in another 
heading/. Pasting the link in another heading is expected to break since the 
attachment link is context dependent (i.e. requires an attachment folder). 
Makes sense? If I'm still misunderstanding your use-case, would you care to 
describe the steps to reproduce it more in detail?


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