Bastien <> writes:

> We have a good reference documentation for creating export backends:
> But we *badly* need a step by step tutorial on Worg.
> Anyone would like to volunteer for writing such a tutorial?

The primary source of `ox-jira.el' was once[1] an Org tutorial (to
myself) for creating an Org export backend. If this is broadly what you
had in mind, I can dig that out of Git history and put it on Worg. I
won't be able to do substantial edits or updates, as I made it 4 years
ago and it is still my only attempt at creating a backend. (So I have
forgotten most of it.) I still use it and it does pretty much what I
need it to, however.


[1] Contributors got confused about the tangle step, probably because
melpa required me to commit the tangled .el as well as the .org source
file, so to make it simpler for them I since changed to shipping only
the tangled file. 

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