Hi Stig, Marcin, Jean-Christophe and Robert,

Stig Brautaset <s...@brautaset.org> writes:

> The primary source of `ox-jira.el' was once[1] an Org tutorial (to
> myself) for creating an Org export backend. If this is broadly what you
> had in mind, I can dig that out of Git history and put it on Worg.

Yes, I think that would be a good start:

> https://github.com/stig/ox-jira.el/blob/c4b8fd30c3bc48621759c9d128644d2d386e591e/ox-jira.org

Then, after you commit an edited version of these instructions, maybe
Robert and Marcin can help reviewing and enhancing it to ensure it is
self-sufficient and explicit enough?

Let me know if you don't already have push access to worg.git.



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