Am Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2020, 12:30:59 CET schrieb Nicolas Goaziou:
> Hello,
> Bastien <> writes:
> > - Add org-tempo to org-modules
> > 
> >   Last but not least: we had long discussions about this one in the
> >   past.  Expansion of the "<s" templates (and other "<*" templates) at
> >   the beginning of the line has been turned off.  I have IRL met with
> >   Org users* who just thought the feature was broken/deleted, without
> >   having/taking the time/knowledge/guts to look for the things they
> >   can turn on.  I am all for turning this on again, letting experts
> >   disabling the feature if they don't want it.
> >   
> >   * We have regular meetings with
> This is not a good default, at least for beginners, because Org provides
> a better solution out of the box. There are also better solutions
> outside Org (e.g., Yasnippet).
> It is only valuable for existing users, who relied on this feature, and
> don't want to switch. It's perfectly understandable, but it is also fair
> to assume they can add (require 'org-module) to their own configuration.
> _Removing_ the module, OTOH, is subtle.
> By the way, this does not belong to the same category as other
> defcustoms discussed. This is only tangential to "how does Org should
> look and feel by default". It relates to: should Org provide multiple
> snippet extensions, knowing this is not a central feature, and Org is
> often seen as bloated by Emacs devs? I don't think so, no matter how
> useful this feature can be for some users.
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what Bastien suggests, doesn't that lead to two ways of getting getting e.g. a 
quote? Either with C-c C-, or again with "<q"? 


If so, I'd vote to stick for the first solution and not have both. And yes, 
for larger templates there is yasnippet. 

Just my 0.2 cents.



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