Gustav Wikström <gus...@whil.se> writes:

> Expanding attachment-links in the buffer makes the link type no longer
> be attachment.

What makes you think that? The link type is preserved during the
substitution, according to the (concat "attachment" ...).

> I would prefer if we explicitly set the link type to
> files here instead. Storing intermediate state in an attachment link
> types makes less sense imo.
> One issue with the current way it's done is that images are treated
> differently between attachment links and file links. For HTML exports,
> file links are wrapped in a div with class figure where expanded
> attachment links are not.

It would be nice to investigate why this happens.

> Letting org-attach-expand-links do the full
> transform to file links would solve that issue. That also
> means :export is not needed for org-link-set-parameters.
> Patch attached if you agree to this.

Of course! This is what I suggested, like, 6 weeks ago (although, at
this time, I was thinking about having the substitution in "ox.el").


Nicolas Goaziou

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