Hi Nicolas,

Nicolas Goaziou <m...@nicolasgoaziou.fr> writes:

> This second patch removes most of the "attachment" leakage in the code
> base (mainly "org-element.el" and "ox-*.el"). The features should be the
> same as before. Let me know if there's anything wrong.

Thanks a lot -- feel free to apply it when you think it's okay.

Also, perhaps can you or Gustav suggest a way to test the new feature
so that we can test this new code?

> The only thing left is to refactor the ability to display "attachment"
> links as inline images. For now, this is hard-coded in "org.el", but
> this should not be the case.
> As a third phase, I suggest to add a new parameter in
> `org-link-parameters', for example :inlineable. This parameter would be
> either a boolean, or a function transforming the path. For example,
> "file" links should set it to t and "attachment" links to
> `org-attach-expand'. Then `org-display-inline-images' should collect
> link types with this flag, apply the transformation, and display images
> accordingly.

Do you want to do this for 9.4 or can it be done later on?



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