> On 3 June 2020, Diego Zamboni wrote:
>> I use the config John mentioned and I like it - though I use different
>> symbols. Here's my config if you want an example:
>> https://github.com/zzamboni/dot-emacs/blob/master/init.org#source-code-blocks

This example reminded me of something that’s been puzzling me. In the
screenshot, the background color of lines that begin and end a source
block extend all the way across the screen.

When I change the faces for org block begin/end to something with a
background color, the color only extends to the end of the characters on
that line. The same is true if I change the background color of the
content of the block.

This is quite distracting. I thought “this must be the consequence of
some other mode I’m using or something” and I decided to test that. I
fired up “emacs -q” and loaded the code pointed to by the post above.
What I get is:

What’s the trick to get the background color to extend across the entire line?
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