Is anyone doing any fancy formatting of source blocks, such as putting a line
in the left fringe, or a box around them, or having some interesting background?

I ask because I recently changed the theme I use to get the dark Solarized look I like,[1] and all of a sudden my #+begin_src lines were underlined and #+end_src had a line above it. These come from org-block-begin-line and org-block-end-line, and are shown here, but I'd never noticed them in documentation or had them on my screen before:

Aside from fontifying the source blocks I've never done anything special about them (except wonder how I ever did anything without them), but seeing this made me wonder if anyone here has really customized them so they look like medieval manuscripts or something from a futuristic video game. (If any of that is possible---but in Emacs, anything is possible ...)


[1] Now I'm using, with variable pitch turned off and Org headline resizing turned off.

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