On Tuesday,  1 Sep 2020 at 16:34, Michael Heerdegen wrote:
> I would like to use my org file to specify those things instead of
> maintaining a second file (the diary file).  But AFAIK the dynamically
> created headline part is tricky: what appears in the agenda is always
> the org headline as it appears in the file, right?

No, not necessarily.  I have entries like this:

%%(diary-anniversary 1981 03 17) Somebody's birthday (%d years)

and the agenda view shows "Somebody's birthday (19 years)"; the actual
heading for this entry is ignored.  In fact, I have a large number of
such entries all in the same headline.

However, I don't know if other diary- functions work the same way.

> Or do I miss something?  How to other people deal with things
> like...garbage collection?

I use the org-recur [1] package for this.  Very nice for repeating


[1]  https://github.com/m-cat/org-recur

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