Michael Heerdegen <michael_heerde...@web.de> writes:

> > [1]  https://github.com/m-cat/org-recur
> Thanks for the hint, I'll have a look.

Nice to have definitely.

I want to stick to diary sexp expressions for some complicated dates.  I
have already extended the diary language to fit my needs to specify the
dates of garbage collection here.  That looks like this:

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
     (dg-let-date (dg-tomorrow)
        (and (dg-friday-p) (cl-evenp (dg-iso-week)))
        (cl-some #'dg-holiday-p (dg-the-days-between (dg-days-before 2)))

It means: warn me one day before garbage collection happens, and that
is: every Friday in any week with even week number, unless it has been a
holiday up to two days before that, then they collect one day later.

I guess I always want Lisp to specify something like this.


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