ian martins writes:

> I posted patches for ob-java and ob-haxe a couple months ago but there was
> no interest. I have been given access to push to contrib. If there's no
> objection I'll put them there.
> I'll rename my version ob-java-alt so it doesn't conflict with the official
> one. The contrib directory doesn't have a "testing" directory so I'll add
> one. I'll document them in worg.

My understanding is that there's been a move away from adding new
libraries to contrib/, instead preferring an ELPA for cases where core
isn't deemed appropriate.

Fixes and enhancements to ob-java are obviously appropriate for core.
And while it'd be fine to host ob-haxe separately, my impression is that
it too would be suitable for core.

I'm sorry your patches haven't gotten any reviews or other feedback.
I've sat down a couple of times to review the ob-haxe patch but haven't
ended up blocking off enough time to get anywhere.  I'll revisit it this
weekend.  Of course, any feedback from those that actually use haxe
would be appreciated.

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