Hi Ian,

ian martins <ia...@jhu.edu> writes:

> Sure, I'd be happy to maintain ob-java.

Thanks!  Does your work on ob-java.el fix bugs or does it foremost
add new features?  If the former, we can add it now to master, then 
add you as a maintainer immediately.

> The drawback with keeping ob-haxe in an external repo is that the
> tests won't run when org-mode is changed, but in practice its tests
> are very similar to ob-java's so the actual risk of it being broken
> by a change will be small if ob-java is in core.
> I'll submit ob-haxe to GNU ELPA after ob-java has been accepted. That
> way I can take out the common parts of ob-haxe which will have been
> incorporated into ob-core.

Yes -- for now (< 9.4) we cannot accept changes in ob-core.el.



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