Przemysław Kamiński <> writes:

> So, I keep clock times for work in org mode, this is very handy. 
> However, my customers require that I use their service to provide the 
> times. They do offer API. So basically I'm using elisp to parse org, 
> make API calls, and at the same time generate CSV reports with a Python 
> interop with org babel (because my elisp is just too bad to do that). If 
> I had access to some org parser, I'd pick a language that would be more 
> comfortable for me to get the job done. I guess it can all be done in 
> elisp, however this is just a tool for me alone and I have limited time 
> resources on hacking things for myself :)

I would probably use org's org-export-table command to export the clock
table as a CSV and then just use a simple script to read in that CSV and
do the API calls. 

> Another one is generating total hours report for day/week/month to put 
> into my awesomewm toolbar. I ended up using orgstat
> however the author is creating his own DSL in YAML and I guess things 
> were much better off if it all stayed in some Scheme :)

Sounds like you have a solution. I would probably just setup a hook to
generate the updated table and export it when the file is saved and then
have something consume that exported file to update the taskbar. 

Tim Cross

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