On 9/23/20 10:09 AM, Bastien wrote:
Hi Przemysław,

Przemysław Kamiński <p...@intrepidus.pl> writes:

I oftentimes find myself needing to parse org files with some external
tools (to generate reports for customers or sum up clock times for
given month, etc). Looking through the list


Can you help on making the above page more useful to anyone?

Perhaps we can have a separate worg page just for parsers, reporting
the ones that seem to fully work.

I disagree that a parser is too difficult to maintain because Org is
a moving target.  Org core syntax is not moving anymore, a parser can
reasonably target it.  That's what is done with the Ruby parser, in
use in this small project called github.com :)

So I'd say:

- let's enhance Worg's documentation
- yes, please go for enhancing parsing tools

I don't think we need official tools.  The official Org parser exists,
it is Org itself.


Hello Bastien,

Thank you for your remarks.

I updated the README, hopefully it's more usable now.


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