Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks for reporting! I accidentally reintroduced the bug because of
> mistake when converting org-hide-drawers to new folding library.
> (:facepalm:).
> Should be fixed in the gist now.

Can confirm, thanks!

I understand from your answer to Bastien's query that this fix is
specific to your branch; would it be hard to backport it to Org's maint
branch?  Otherwise IIUC Org 9.4 will keep this regression, and users
will have to wait until Org 9.5 for a fix.

Also, just in case there's been a misunderstanding:

Bastien <b...@gnu.org> writes:

> Can you share this gist as a patch against Org's current master?

Bastien asked for the /gist/ as a patch against master, whereas your
answer explained why you couldn't share the /fix/ as a patch against
master.  If Bastien did mean the whole gist, here is the corresponding
patch against master:


Apologies if I'm the one misunderstanding, and thank you for all your

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