Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@gmail.com> writes:

> However, I can try to suggest a way to fix the issue on master. The way
> isearch handles folded text in org is set from org-flag-region
> (org-macs.el):
> (overlay-put o
>                  'isearch-open-invisible
>                  (lambda (&rest _) (org-show-context 'isearch)))
> It means that isearch calls org-show-context (org.el) to reveal hidden
> text. Then, it calls org-show-set-visibility with argument defined in
> org-show-context-detail (now, it is 'lineage). With current defaults,
> the searched text is revealed using org-flag-heading, which reveals both
> heading body and drawers.
> The easiest way to write the fix would be changing org-flag-heading
> directly, but there might be unforeseen consequences on other folding
> commands.
> Another way would be changing the way org-show-set-visibility handles
> 'lineage argument. Again, it may affect other things.
> Finally, one can add an extra possible argument to
> org-show-set-visibility and alter default value of
> org-show-context-detail accordingly.
> The last way will have least risk to break something else.
> I guess, patches welcome ;)

Since Org 9.4 has landed in the emacs-27 branch, I have renewed interest
in finding a fix for this before 27.2 is released (… and more selfishly,
before emacs-27 is merged into master 😉).

I'm a bit confused, because AFAICT org-show-context is called *after*
exiting isearch, so IIUC by the time org-show-set-visibility is called
it's too late to undo the damage.

Recipe using my repro file[1]:

- C-x C-f logbooks.org
- M-x toggle-debug-on-entry org-show-context
- C-s bug

The debugger only fires *after* we exit isearch, and by that time it's
too late: my issue comes from all those logbooks cluttering the screen
while I'm mashing C-s to iterate through matches.

I can try to dig deeper into this, but before doing so: would you have
any insight as to what's going on here?

[1] wget https://orgmode.org/list/87eepuz0bj....@gmail.com/2-logbooks.org -O 

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