dmg <> writes:

> org-babel-load-file will try to tangle any source block that contains
> the substring emacs-lisp or elisp in their language.
> For example, the following code block will be tangled:
> #+begin_src emacs-lispDONOT
> (use-package "org-sidebar")
> #+end_src
> the following patch fixes that problem. The Regular expression should
> be more stringent, so it does match exactly the string and not a
> substring.
> I think this is a regression. I used to comment out blocks from my
> .org init files by simply adding a XXX (as in emacs-lispXXXX). In
> current org these blocks are tangled :(

I think your right. The regexp should only match on complete string.

BTW an easy way to comment out code blocks from tangling is to just add :tangle 
no to the header. This will work better because the code block will still work 
for editing etc and have correct syntax highlighting etc. 



*Tim Cross*

/For gor sake stop laughing, this is serious!/

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