On 29/07/2021 11:13, Tim Cross wrote:
dmg writes:

org-babel-load-file will try to tangle any source block that contains
the substring emacs-lisp or elisp in their language.

For example, the following code block will be tangled:

#+begin_src emacs-lispDONOT
(use-package "org-sidebar")

I think this is a regression. I used to comment out blocks from my
.org init files by simply adding a XXX (as in emacs-lispXXXX). In
current org these blocks are tangled :(

I think your right. The regexp should only match on complete string.

I agree as well. Related code changed in 9.4:
- https://orgmode.org/list/caloshornnlxjma6jnrt-ikie-b9f9o3clqdxfekrzvyiyze...@mail.gmail.com/T/#u
- https://code.orgmode.org/bzg/org-mode/commit/be93859c78

The following is just my opinion, not a request for an update of the patch.

Maybe it will be better to change `org-babel-tangle-collect-blocks' function in lisp/ob-tangle.el instead and to wrap passed argument in the suggested way (at first I thought of non-capturing group "\\(?:" "\\)", but it is not necessary since the regexp is passed to `string-match-p'). I suppose, it is more reliable default. If anyone really needs partial match, he may express it explicitly by adding ".*", "?", etc. I hope, such change will break no existing code.

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