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I also made recent research on this (https://orgmode.org/list/2b19797780df800a5feafd47836b83e5426752e1.ca...@univ-rouen.fr/), and Bastien update the  corresponding org parser page :


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Le 03/08/2021 à 11:14, Karl Voit a écrit :

I'm collecting information on basic Org mode support in tools that
are not Emacs.

I already have: GitHub, GitLab (exactly like GitHub), OrgModeWeb,
Orgzly, Orgro, Emacs, vim-orgmode.

What I need is information on much more tools.

I have set up a syntax checking file on
which also contains my current compatibility table for the most
basic set that makes sense as a Markdown-pendant outside of Emacs
according to my subjective judgement on Org mode at the bottom.

My focus is on tools that - at least - offer text formatting syntax
highlighting for *bold* /italic/ and so forth. The rest could be
"works as text but has no special support for outlining and more".

The goals is to emphasize that there are much more tools that allow
for viewing and/or editing data in Org mode syntax.

Since I don't have an iPhone, iOS-based tools supporting Org mode
syntax is very much appreciated.

Please do hand in more lines for the table either here, via email or
as a GitHub pull request.

Thank you!

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