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>> (not a scheduled one, since I don't need to do it on a particular date)
> The `SCHEDULED' property is in fact the correct way to indicate that you wish 
> to
> hide the task from the global to-do list until a particular date. `SCHEDULED'
> indicates the day upon which you wish to start working on the task. If 
> there's a
> particular date by which the task has to be completed, the `DEADLINE' property
> is appropriate.

Thanks for the pointer, but maybe I use SCHEDULED items a bit different,
since I want only a few items in my agenda view, only those that I
really intend to start working on the given date.

As per the example I was giving, I don't want that entry to be scheduled
for October 16 (and thus clutter my agenda view), I just want it to be
visible in my Global TODO list from that date, so then, depending on how
busy I'm around that date, then I can decide when to schedule it for.

I hope it makes sense (and there is some way to accomplish it).

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