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>> As per the example I was giving, I don't want that entry to be scheduled
>> for October 16 (and thus clutter my agenda view), I just want it to be
>> visible in my Global TODO list from that date, so then, depending on how
>> busy I'm around that date, then I can decide when to schedule it for.
> Another option is to define an agenda view that only shows TODO items
> for today, with `org-agenda-span' set to 1 --- something like this:

thanks. I tried, but that doesn't seem to be what I was looking for (or
perhaps I missed something). In my case I have many TODO items without a
date, and I don't want to assign a specific date to them. I simply want
that they are hidden from the Global TODO list until a specific date.

[I can assign a date to them, but then it will look like I have to do
them on that date. Ideally I would like them to be without a date, so
they don't show up in the agenda, only in the global TODO list, but have
a field =skip_until= or similar, so they will be hidden until then]

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