* Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@posteo.net> [2022-10-16 16:04]:
> > Documented or undocumented, it's common sense. This is a mailing list of
> > the GNU project, and it is hoped that this list will not recommend the
> > use of unethical software that does not comply with the GNU philosophy.
> Discussing and recommending are two different things.
> Consider Windows. We do not recommend it. Yet, we do support it, and we
> do discuss it.

This is because Emacs run on Windows, like many other free
software. That does not make Windows legitimate for use.

> WRT the Org apps, we are discussing things, and you are
> trying to put stop on this discussion. I find it a bit too
> aggressive.

Don't feel bad for that. That was nothing personal. Nobody minds who
uses privately non-free software. Though why discuss or list
proprietary software on GNU mailing lists which is meant for creation
of fully free operating systems?!


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