On 16/10/2022 14:32, Jean Louis wrote:
* Max Nikulin [2022-10-16 08:28]:
I do not have strong opinion concerning proprietary application.
Requirements for worg section as driven by user content are not so strict as
for the main part of the Org site that must adhere to FSF rules. Perhaps it
is possible to separate non-free software by some discouraging

If I am not mistaken, you propose or initiate discussing how to list
proprietary software on some websites.

You are mistaken. I do not care if such discussion will happen. However I do not mind to have a peer reviewed list somewhere. It may be helpful to figure out what features and what workflows have not covered by free software yet.

For me it is different to not endorse non-free software and to pretend that such applications do not exist at all.

GNU mailing lists are not for such discussions. GNU is project is
there to foster full free software.

Besides it is a GNU mailing list, I believed, it is dedicated to Org. To my surprise in this thread some lightening detector was suggested. The original question in this topic was about a *best* app, but a response was to search *existing* applications with no comments concerning particular ones:

Try these Org applications for Android:


There were no details concerning usage patters in the original question, so it is hard give suitable suggestion without requesting more information, but such response due to lack of additional comments is quite close to "search yourself". So from my point of view, there are enough posts hardly relevant to the asked question.

To be clear, I think that the value of the FAQ entry is more than just links to other projects. I see nothing wrong that the proposal to extend the entry by ypuntot contained just links. My point is that when being added to FAQ, the links should be augmented by comments based on usage experience. Just extensive list of ever existed projects is hardly helpful.

P.S. Searching archives of this mailing list for particular applications indirectly mentioned in this thread may provide some user opinions.

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