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Proprietary license. This should not be recommended here

I did not expected that this topic would become so hot.

Let's ignore that easyorg does not run on Android and concentrate on proprietary vs. free app.

I believe that in such cases a helpful answer gently pushing users to free software should be like: "Application P is a proprietary one. There are F and G apps that have close set of features and superior for tasks like T and D." Though such reply is almost impossible if discussion of P is aggressively discouraged and sharing discussion summary on a web site is prohibited because a web page may be associated with a GNU project. Without mention of P the phrase becomes significantly less convincing, it may give impression that people suggesting F and G are completely unaware of what P really is.

I do not think that intention was to promote the particular app using a GNU mail list, so my perception is that reaction without offering a free alternative was harsh. It would be acceptable in the case more delay to see that nobody can post a better answer.

I am unsure what is more strange, purism close in its degree to absurdity or partial measures like wiping mentions of proprietary software without removing of complete section
info "(org) Org Mobile" https://orgmode.org/manual/Org-Mobile.html
so that only a half of solution is really described. I would expect more healthy balance.

P.S. Juan Manuel, from my point of view, your message suggesting running emacs in termux is one of 2 helpful suggestions in this thread. Perhaps the topic starter is seeking for a UI suitable for touch screen rather than complete set of features, but due to lack of details we do not know it.

I have not tried any Org related application on Android, so I can not suggest anything. I had a hope to learn something new from this topic.

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