Max Nikulin writes:

> On 16/10/2022 06:01, Juan Manuel Macías wrote:
>> ypuntot writes:
>> Proprietary license. This should not be recommended here
>> (
> I did not expected that this topic would become so hot.

I didn't expect that either. And, since this response of mine has,
directly or indirectly, sparked a lengthy subsequent discussion, I think
I must apologize if my tone here may have sounded rude or impolite,
which was not my intention. It was a late hour, I was tired and English
is not my first language. So I opted for a minimal expression to remind
a user that the application he mentioned (in good faith) was proprietary
software. Probably, as I wrote it, the text gives the impression that I
was reprimanding this user. As I say, it was not my intention and
therefore I apologize for not having expressed it correctly.

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