Juan Manuel Macías <maciasch...@posteo.net> writes:

> Assuming that there is currently no alternative to the non-selective
> solution, and that, as you say, the presence of brackets may be more
> common than I initially expected, if I had to choose between \empty and
> [0pt], I would say that [0pt] is the safest, as it is an expected
> argument to \\ and equals the default space. I can't think of any
> unexpected results from this, but of course, it also depends on there
> being no package redefining \\ with another argument structure on its
> own. I think it would be a bad idea for a package developer, but LaTeX
> (and the LaTeX packages) is horribly unpredictable.

It is easy to change \\\empty constant to \\[0pt] if necessary. I have
no objection either way. Though I do not feel like we are in rush. I'd
like to hear from ox-latex maintainer.

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