Max Nikulin writes:

> My impression is that tabularray has an ambitious goal to replace all
> current table packages. I have no idea if other packages will adopt
> similar approach with regexp-based parsing instead of usual expanding
> of TeX commands.

Yes, that's the impression I have too. Tabularray certainly solves a lot
of traditional LaTeX table problems (unfortunately not the one we're
dealing with). Time will tell if it also creates other new problems. In
any case, it brings a lot of flexibility to a part of LaTeX, tables,
that has always suffered from a certain constriction. We'll see what
happens. LaTeX is becoming very complex and now several layers coexist,
since the jump to LaTeX 3 is going to be gradual. On the other hand, I
don't know if the latex core developers have a cleaner \\ command in
their roadmap, without those absurd current problems (and that LaTeX has
been carrying for almost 40 years).

> I do not like necessity to add \NewTableCommand\empty{} to documents
> somehow (only if tabularray is loaded). I do not have an idea better
> than \\[0pt] and an optimizing filter to remove [0pt] in almost all
> cases.

I totally agree.

Best regards,

Juan Manuel 

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