Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@posteo.net> writes:

> Applied onto main.


> Have you seen org-babel-temp-stable-file?

I have not. Seems really useful, thanks for mentioning. I wrote my functions 
before org-babel-temp-stable-file was added, but seems I can simplify them now 
quite a bit.

I noticed two possible bugs in org-babel-temp-stable-file:

1. Prefix could be an empty string and that would break the filename extension, 
because (expand-file-name "" org-babel-temporary-stable-directory) would not 
add a slash in the path.

2. The org-babel-temporary-stable-directory is only created upon initial 
loading. But the intended behavior for remote paths seems to be to create the 
temp files on the remote. Which will fail, because 
org-babel-temporary-stable-directory does not exist on the remote. However 
creating the directories on remotes of course makes cleanup harder to 
impossible, if the remotes are not accessible any more.

I can try to write a patch for both, but I do not fully understand the 
org-babel-temp-stable-file code. It seems with the use of with-temp-file there 
is no need to change temporary-file-directory anymore?

It could also be nice to add an extra argument to force the use of the local 
org-babel-temporary-stable-directory for remote files.


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