Ferdinand Pieper <f...@pie.tf> writes:

>>> It could also be nice to add an extra argument to force the use of
>>> the local org-babel-temporary-stable-directory for remote files.
>> I am not sure if it is a good idea.
>> On remote files, default-directory often points to the remote making
>> `shell-command' and similar run code on remote machine. It may not work
>> well with local temporary directory.
> I think you are right. Something like this could only be relevant for local 
> files which execute code on remote locations (e.g. babel via the :dir 
> argument) and require remote temp files instead of local ones. But that seems 
> like too much of an edge case to support. If necessary a user could easily 
> solve it with a small wrapper, that sets default-directory accordingly.

When you have :dir argument in a source block, default-directory is set
to :dir value during execution. This affects the location of temporary
files as well.

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