Max Nikulin <> writes:

> On 22/10/2022 12:15, Ihor Radchenko wrote:
>> as long as the next line does not match
>> "^[ \t]*\\["
> Verse package defines \\! and \\>.
> The only precaution that search pattern should ignore \\\[0pt]\] that is 
> a display equation "0pt]"

Can you please elaborate?

>> 2. Modify org-latex-template to replace unnecessary occurrences of
>>     "\\[0pt]" in CONTENTS when org-latex-compact-latex (you may propose
>>     other defcustom names) is non-nil.
> I believe, it is better to introduce a list of filter functions that may 
> perform such optimizing.

I don't think so. Users can already define filters. What we discuss here
is a built-in filter. It should be separate from user customization and
only expose on/off options.

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