El 2023-05-05 06:01, Ihor Radchenko escribió:
> Yuval Langer <yuval.lan...@gmail.com> writes:
>> For many commands, I find it helpful to first learn their names before
>> learning their keybindings. The org-mode guide does not include
>> command names.
>> I want to add command names into the org-mode guide. I have attached
>> an example of such an addition.
> Will it be useful?
> Technically, adding the command name will increase the Org Guide size,
> which is a bit against its idea of compactness.
> On the other hand, new users may benefit from seeing the command names
> alongside with the bindings, especially users of pre-packages Emacs
> where the bindings may be shadowed by evil-mode and the likes.

I think that mentioning command names would help a lot to understand the
objective of the command and would also help to find its documentation. 
A common problem for me was [is?] that I could not find the place where
there is more information about something.  The size of the document is
not as important, if it is easy to find your way in it.

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