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> I think that mentioning command names would help a lot to understand the
> objective of the command and would also help to find its documentation. 
> A common problem for me was [is?] that I could not find the place where
> there is more information about something.  The size of the document is
> not as important, if it is easy to find your way in it.

Let me clarify a bit: size of Org Guide specifically is important.
We already have command names with appropriate searchable index entries
in the main manual. But Org Guide is intended for newbies as a place to
get started:

    This document is a much compressed derivative of the comprehensive Org
    mode manual.  It contains all basic features and commands, along with
    important hints for customization.  It is intended for beginners who
    would shy back from a 200 pages manual because of sheer size.

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