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> On 2023-05-30, at 20:45, Marcin Borkowski <> wrote:
>>> Just use `org-export-as'.
>> Thanks again, I didn't know about that function!
> I tried playing around with it, but it has one drawback - I can't use it
> to export a subtree containing a link to another subtree, and that is
> something I will definitely need.  (I can see why it works that way -
> for that to work, I have to somehow make sure that subtrees containing
> targets of those links are also exported at some point in time - but
> I need another behavior...)

AFAIR, ox-hugo implements what you want here.

> My current idea is to go with a custom exporter derived from the HTML
> one, indeed.  Is there a better approach?

You can loop over links in the exported subtree and export any extra if
necessary. For example, in the `org-export-filter-parse-tree-functions'.

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