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> Marcin Borkowski <mb...@mbork.pl> writes:
>>> Org export passes the actual parsed and filtered AST that will be
>>> exported to `org-export-filter-parse-tree-functions'. You can modify and
>>> traverse the parse tree as you need.
>> Yeah, that I do understand.  Problem is, I don't know how the AST is
>> structured, what functions operate on it etc.  I am aware that I could
>> learn all of that from the source and experimenting, but it would
>> probably be a bit time-consuming, and other ways turned out to be much
>> easier (which means better for me – I want something simple).
> I tried to provide a summary in my recent patch.
> https://list.orgmode.org/874jnudps5.fsf@localhost/3-a.txt

Thanks, this looks interesting, I'll take a look!

> You can also refer to
> https://orgmode.org/worg/dev/org-element-api.html

This one I know, of course, but it's a bit more high-level, I think.
>> As an aside, inspecting deeply nested structures in Elisp seems a pain
>> in the neck.  Does anyone know a good method of interactively inspecting
>> them?
> https://github.com/mmontone/emacs-inspector

Wow, this looks _great_!!!  I'll install it and try it out!


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