On 06.06.2023 16:14, Max Nikulin wrote:
On 05/06/2023 20:23, gerard.vermeulen wrote:
# The next line overrules html-embed-svg:t
# The next line overrules html-embed-svg:nil

I agree with Ihor's idea concerning #+attr_html (multiple inline
images in a paragraph may be an issue).

I think that inlining in the sense of ox-html is different from embedding as done in the patch. I may be wrong. This is the first point to settle.

If I am right, I think that #+attr_html is not going to work.

However notice that some ox
options allows include/exclude lists:

 :exclude-tags ("skip")
 :with-drawers (not "skip")

I had been think about names like
:with-svgs-to-embed (...)
:sans-svgs-to-embed (...)
while preparing the patch. I decided to err towards verbosity.
You suggest that
:svgs-to-embed ("yes" "ok")
:svgs-to-embed (not "no" "skip")
are possible.
Is it also possible to do
#+EXCLUDE_TAGS: not "no" "skip"
or something similar in an Org file?

A can not add much to the discussions concerning various approaches to
include SVG images. I just faced that some SVG files breaks text
selection in Firefox: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/1730723

I am using Firefox-113.0.2 and the bug is still there: sometimes
I can select all text from the beginning of the first "selecting"
downwards (depends on my touchpad sweep) but never from the
first "Start".

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